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  • Is there an age limit?
    'ILLUSIONS OF THE MIND' is a fascinating and thrilling experience that's suitable for audiences aged 12 and up. We designed the show to appeal to teenagers and adults due to the complex mentalism acts and psychological illusions involved.
  • How long is the show?
    The captivating journey of 'ILLUSIONS OF THE MIND' unfolds over a span of 75 minutes, with no intermission. This format allows for a seamless experience that maintains the enchanting aura and momentum of the mind-bending performances throughout the entire duration.
  • What are the different ticket types?
    We offer three distinct ticket types to cater to your viewing preferences. 'Premium' gives you the closest seats for the most immersive experience. 'A Reserve' provides an excellent balance of comfort and engagement from all seats. 'B Reserve' places you in the back few rows, a little further from the stage but still in an excellent position to enjoy the show.
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